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See White Zombie "Blow the Roof Off" 'Letterman' With "More Human" in 1995

Throwback to Rob and Co.'s raucous late-night performance of 'Astro-Creep' standout

In 1995, Rob Zombie was still years ahead of his current status as horror movie maverick and unstoppable solo artist; he was just the weirdo frontguy for a funky and freaky industrial-metal act called White Zombie, whose fourth and final studio album, Astro-Creep: 2000 – Songs of Love, Destruction and Other Synthetic Delusions of the Electric Head, was about to take the group to new levels of commercial success, even as the band itself was starting to implode.

With the success of that lengthily titled record came the opportunity for the dreadlocked freaks to showcase their unique brand of macabre talent on a national TV with a Late Show With David Letterman appearance. "Our next guest might quite literally blow the roof off the dump," announces the cheerful host, mysteriously covered in chocolate.

A few seconds later, White Zombie launch into arguably their best song, "More Human Than Human." An extra-wriggly Rob slithers around the stage, bobbing and writhing as he spits out the tune's grim but lively lyrics, gyrating with ecstatic energy. Bassist Sean Yseult contributes an additional dose of adrenaline, strutting, stomping and windmill-headbanging as she provides the cut's propulsive low end. 

White Zombie bring things to a close with a bright flash of smoke and neon light as the crowd cheers. Letterman excitedly steps out onto the stage and meets the quartet while exclaiming his love for the performance. Unfortunately, the group would disband just a few short years later in 1998, after which would soon follow Rob's solo debut Hillbilly Deluxe. While his solo career and directorial pursuits went on to outshine the 13-year run of White Zombie, fans have never forgotten the magic created in performances like this and on the group's records, particularly Astro-Creep