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See Whitechapel Resurrect Dead Parents in Gory "A Bloodsoaked Symphony" Video

Phil Bozeman brings his family back to life in freaky NSFW visual

Revolver has teamed with Whitechapel for an exclusive splatter vinyl variant of their new album, Kin. It's limited to 500 copies — order yours before they're gone!

On Whitechapel's 2019 album, The Valley, frontman Phil Bozeman began telling a fantastical version of the real-life tragedy that was losing both of his parents during his childhood. The band's impending follow-up, Kin, picks up where that dense personal narrative left off, and centers around Bozeman battling an evil version of himself who selfishly wishes to resurrect his dead parents despite them being a mere shell of their former selves. 

If that sounds insane to hear on an album, wait until you see it In the music video for the new single, "A Bloodsoaked Symphony." In the highly NSFW, gory visual, a possessed version of Bozeman digs up his parent's bodies and performs a dark ritual in an abandoned cave that involves drenching himself in blood, drinking some of it and then casting a spell to bring his undead family back to "life." 

You see all of that in the video, and Bozeman really goes for it while playing his role. Also, the song is a humongous deathcore ripper that's significantly heavier than the melodic "Lost Boy" single that they dropped last month. Check it out above via YouTube. 

Kin will arrive in full on October 29th via Metal Blade Records and Revolver has an exclusive, limited edition 2LP vinyl pressing on unique splatter wax. Only 500 were made, so score yours before they're gone!

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