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See Whole Limp Bizkit Tour Go Wild Onstage to "Break Stuff"

Scowl, Wargasm and $not joined nu-metal rascals in the he-says, she-says bullshit
Limp Bizkit Tampa Live 2022 screen

Last night (April 28th) in Tampa, Florida, Limp Bizkit kicked off one of the coolest tours of 2022 with the type of enthusiasm that could win over even the most ardent LB haters among us. The nu-metal rascals are embarking on a headlining run with support from young hardcore bands like Scowl and Dying Wish, rising rappers like $not and Yung Gravy, and the U.K. electro-metal duo Wargasm. No old fogies, just fresh blood who are here to prove themselves with youthful energy, and Fred Durst and Co. are loving it.

During the climax of what looks to have been a thoroughly bonkers set, Limp Bizkit invited everyone from the night's opening acts — in this case the members of Scowl, Wargasm and $not — to hit the stage and sing "Break Stuff" as one big group. Judging by the footage, the entire room was a fucking madhouse, between a crowd that lost their shit and made the whole room a mosh pit, and a stage filled with excited musicians who were dancing, stage-diving and yelling along to an iconic song that they probably grew up listening to.

Before he set it off, though, Durst actually opened the show while lounging back asleep in an overstuffed living room chair, pretending to flip through TV channels like a drowsy papa on a couch before mustering up the strength to leap up and bring the "Dad Vibes." An incredible way to start a show.

Watch that, the footage of "Break Stuff" and performances from other songs throughout the night below.