SEMATARY: Hear $UICIDEBOY$ tourmate go goth-punk on new song "WENDIGO" | Revolver

SEMATARY: Hear $UICIDEBOY$ tourmate go goth-punk on new song "WENDIGO"

Like if Sisters of Mercy went witch house

You may not know Sematary, but others do. The NorCal rapper-producer recently collaborated with Chief Kief and had a high-profile spot opening for $uicideboy$ on their fall 2023 Grey Day Tour.

His distinctly post-internet sound encompasses many different styles and aesthetics, fusing psychedelic SoundCloud-era rap à la Bladee and Yung Lean with menacing horrorcore drums and spooky witch house synths.

On his new song "WENDIGO," Sematary embraces his gothy post-punk side, gurgling and groaning atop a throbbing drum machine beat and raggedy distorted guitars. 

It sounds like Rob Zombie crossed with Sisters of Mercy crossed with Salem crossed with Wicca Phase Springs Eternal. Or something like that. 

In the video, Sematary dances around the woods shirtless and swings a chainsaw with a dangerous amount of carefree attitude. It's awesome.

Watch and listen to "WENDIGO" above via YouTube.