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SID WILSON picks favorite SLIPKNOT song

"My favorite tracks are always the ones that aren't played live"
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Sid Wilson, in Slipknot, 2022
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Sid Wilson has revealed his favorite Slipknot song of all time. During a recent conversation with Revolver, the DJ was asked to comb through his band's entire catalog and select the one entry that speaks to him most. There are so many razor-edged gems to choose from, and instead of falling back on an obvious picks like "Psychosocial, "People = Shit" or "Wait and Bleed," Wilson did what he's best at — going against the grain — and revealed that his fave track is actually a deep cut that we named one of the most criminally underrated Slipknot songs in their whole discography.

"My favorite tracks are always the ones that aren't played live," Wilson says. "'Skin Ticket' [is] one of my all-time favorite songs. You listen to that song and you feel different after hearing that kind of stuff. You didn't know that that level of fear even existed in the world until you hear something like that. It takes you out of your everyday world to a super dark place."

He's not wrong. "Skin Ticket" is a sludgy, six-and-a-half-minute horror show from Slipknot's 2001 LP, Iowa, that slowly grinds itself to dust while Corey Taylor has a shrieking existential crisis atop the ruckus. Lyrically, the frontman sings that the empathy of others is the only thing keeping him alive in a world of cancerous people striving toward nihilistic nothingness, but he wishes that that support system would just "leave me alone" to perish.

Like so many Slipknot songs from that time period, "Skin Ticket" is some incredibly dark, depressing shit, and Wilson wonders why it's those 'Knot songs that speak to him more than their other, slightly less brutal exorcisms.

"I don't know why those [kinds of songs] are my favorite," he reflects. "I don't know if it's just a reminder for me to stay on my toes all the time, and to strive to be that much better and try to help people in the world. Because [songs like 'Skin Ticket'] make it that real. Like, it's not a fantasy. That shit exists. It exists all around us, and you better understand it to some kind of degree or it'll take you out — and your face will collapse."

Listen to "Skin Ticket" below.