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SIIICKBRAIN picks her 5 favorite metal songs

BMTH-endorsed artist hails classic nu-metal, "one of the sexiest songs" ever, and more
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It's impossible to reduce Siiickbrain to one descriptor. The alternative fashion model and genre-bending singer-songwriter has toured with Bring Me the Horizon and collab'd with everyone from dubstep maestro Skrillex and feminist punk renegades Pussy Riot to moody alt-pop stars like WILLOW and Maggie Lindemann.

And she's done all of it before even releasing her debut album. But that will change on December 1st when Siiickbrain releases My Masochistic Mind, her first full-length, which she previewed last month with the scathing, caustic and catchy "Psychopath."

Siiickbrain has already bounced around between various styles of music, some heavier or poppier than others, but "Psychopath" is a rager, and she clearly has a soft spot for music of the headbanging variety.

With that in mind, we asked Siiickbrain to pick her five favorite metal songs ever. From classic nu-metal to a goth-metal pillar that she calls "one of the sexiest songs" ever, see all of her selections below.

Deftones - "Sextape"

All Deftones songs make me feel something, but this one specifically reminds me of one of my favorite nights in Malibu over the summer, so it holds a special place for me. 

Korn - "Coming Undone"

This one's a classic. Something about the delivery from Jonathan Davis on this one is so good. The verses are constantly in my head. 

Loathe - "Screaming"

The ambient guitar and vocals paired with the hardcore screaming hits such a sweet spot for me.

System of a Down - "Chop Suey!"

This one is also a classic. I saw System of a Down live and it made this song hit extra hard for me. I'm obsessed with the guitar. 

Type O Negative - "Black No. 1"

One of the sexiest songs to exist. I think when I got my back tattooed this song played 20 times and I could've listened more. Amazing.