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Slayer at Madison Square Garden: See Insane Photos of Final Campaign's NYC Stop

Thrash titans bid farewell to New York–area fans with epic show
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On Saturday, November 9th, Slayer took their Final Campaign through New York City, playing a momentous sold-out show at Madison Square Garden before some 20,000 diehards. Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals opened the festivities with a 30-minute set of Pantera fan favorites, before Ministry, also playing all classics — including 1000 Homo DJs' cover of Black Sabbath's' "Supernaut" — and then Primus hit the stage. The night belonged to Slayer, however, and the thrash OGs did not disappoint (despite Kerry King unprecedentedly flubbing and ultimately giving up on the intro to "When the Stillness Comes"), tearing through a career-spanning 20-song set flanked by hellish pyro and a glow-in-the-dark backdrop adorned with images of blasphemy and bloodshed. Revolver's own creative director, Jimmy Hubbard, was there to catch all the action — see some of his standout shots below.

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