Slayer Share Cryptic Video Teasing "End of the Monsters" Coming Fall 2019 | Revolver

Slayer Share Cryptic Video Teasing "End of the Monsters" Coming Fall 2019

Thrash legends hint at special conclusion to extensive final world tour

Slayer are currently amid the final stretch of their lengthy farewell tour, but the most evil of the Big 4 thrashers still had time to drop a one-minute teaser to whet fans' appetites for something big coming this fall described as "the end of the monsters." 

In a Tweet captioned simply, "Coming Fall 2019," the quartet posted a video featuring a shadowy figure dragging a crude, makeshift cross to a dusty point in the sunset as a gruff voice — which sounds eerily similar to Danny Trejo — begins, "To every story, there is a tragedy. Life is a book filled with chapters. Some tell stories of a good time, some tell stories of the dark." 

The dramatic footage keeps rolling, the faceless actor continuing to dig a hole into the dry terrain. The narrator continues, "To every monster, there is a hero. To every nightmare, we all wake up. To every story, there is a final chapter." The hole now dug, the narration continues as the mysterious figure on screen props the cross into the pit he's dug: "Some monsters can become human. Other monsters reap for revenge. This is the end of the monsters." 

With no other information available, the clip shows Fall 2019 as the release for this secret project. Actress and musician Jessica Pimentel dropped her own hints when she announced on Twitter, "I've been biting my tongue for so long..... This is the end of the monsters! @slayer + The Crusher."

Stay tuned for updates, and see the list of Slayer Final World Tour dates here.