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Slayer's Kerry King Picks Favorite Metallica Song

"Man, I wish I would've wrote that riff"
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photograph by Travis Shinn

If Metallica are the "Big 4" band that made it the biggest by evolving their sound and presentation, Slayer represent another side of the spectrum: The band that stayed big by resolutely sticking to their guns. Of course, despite their divergent creative paths, the two groups have plenty of mutual respect for each other. The historic Big 4 concerts, which brought them together with brothers in arms Megadeth and Anthrax, showcased that, and when we talked to Slayer's Kerry King around those shows, he opened up about his appreciation for his fellow thrash OGs. In particular, we asked him what Metallica song is his favorite — below, he shares his pick(s).

"Damage, Inc."

"Without a doubt, my favorite Metallica song would be 'Damage, Inc.' [off 1986's Master of Puppets]. It just sounds like something I would've wrote. [Laughs] I remember when that came out and thinking to myself, 'Man, I wish I would've wrote that riff.' I love that song.

Also, 'Battery.' I love anything that's just brutal like that. I love it when James [Hetfield] just comes out and belts out his lyrics, James-style. There's nothing better. It's awesome."