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SLEEP TOKEN drummer II picks favorite songs to play live

Masked percussionist loves performing this pair of cuts
Sleep Token II drummer live 1600x900, Adamross Williams
Sleep Token's II
photograph by Adamross Williams

Sleep Token's members almost never do interviews — almost. Earlier this week, the masked U.K. band's drummer, who goes by the pseudonym II, partook in his first-ever interview for a lengthy filmed session with Drumeo.

During the hour-long clip, the drummer played through a dozen different Sleep Token songs, and then took some time in between his jamming to answer some questions about his process, his influences, and even reveal his favorite Sleep Token cuts to play live.

Speaking with a distorted effect on his voice like a protected witness, II revealed the two Sleep Token songs that he's most excited for when they pop into the band's setlist.

"I've always enjoyed playing a song from our first record entitled Sundowning called 'Higher,'" II said. "The parts in that song have always felt very interactive to me. Very fun to play. While maintaining a fair deal of variance across the song itself."

"In regards to any newer material," he continued. "I enjoy playing a track called 'The Summoning' due to the live addition of a drum solo that gives me a little more creative freedom, as well as its challenging feel."

Interesting picks! Check out both of those songs below, and then watch II's full interview with Drumeo after the jump.

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