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SLIPKNOT announce first song with new drummer "Long May You Die"

Get ready to hear Eloy Casagrande's studio debut with the 'Knot
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Slipknot, 2024
photograph by Jonathan Weiner

While Slipknot have already started the 25th anniversary celebrations behind their legendary 1999 self-titled debut, it looks like the Iowa Nine might have a new song coming our way sometime in the future, too. Going by their socials, a track titled "Long May You Die" could be dropping soon.

The band delivered a reasonably cryptic hint at the upcoming cut, writing in an Instagram post today: "Slipknot fans are talking amongst themselves about 'Long May You Die' being a new song written during the recent recording sessions."

To confirm said rumour, they added: "You're right. You're absolutely right."

What's more, the group's new drummer Eloy Casagrande just explained in an interview that while the band brushed him up on the old songs when he was trying out with the group, they also jammed on a few new song ideas.

"I think that was also part of the audition, they threw new ideas at me to see what my songwriting was like," he told Kerrang. "They wanted to test me in every way."

He added: "I'm still trying to understand how the dynamics of the band work — it's not so clear yet how things work in terms of records and new songs. We've written a few things, and they're shelved for the time being…"

While a launch date for "Long May You Die" — which also happened to be the slogan on that desert billboard the band erected last month — has yet to be revealed, Slipknot have at least confirmed that they'll be out on the road this fall for their "Here Comes the Pain" tour.

You'll find all the tour details here.