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Slipknot Borrowed TOOL Bass for Song on 'THE END, SO FAR'

Justin Chancellor lent his instrument to Alessandro Venturella for a song on 'Knot's new album
slipknot_knotfest_2022_19.jpg, Azu Rodriguez
photograph by Azu Rodriguez

There's a little piece of TOOL on Slipknot's new album. While speaking about the creation of the Iowa Nine's seventh LP, THE END, SO FAR, 'Knot bassist Alessandro "V-Man" Venturella revealed that he was searching for a very specific bass sound to play on the album's peculiar opening track, "Adderall." After asking around, TOOL bassist Justin Chancellor came in clutch.

"When we did 'Adderall,' we were looking around and I didn't want to use my standard bass that I use live," Venturella said. "Kindly, Justin from TOOL lent us this really old p-bass. That's the bass that I wrote with [for] 'Adderall.'"

"Those [are the] types of little things that just make the album special," he continued.

Only a bass whiz would've picked that detail up from simply listening to "Adderall," but now that we know Venturella was using a different instrument, that fact makes sense. The opener is far spacier, progressive and melodious than anything Slipknot have ever done, so clearly it needed a fresh tone on the low-end. Naturally, Chancellor's instrument was a great fit.

See Venturella's clip from the Knotfest interview below.