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Slipknot Fan Maps Out Most Used Words in Corey Taylor's Lyrics

Turns out, Taylor always says "never"
SLIPKNOT 2019 PRESS USE THIS ONE, Alexandria Crahan Conway
photograph by Alexandria Crahan Conway

Slipknot fans have a seemingly endless interest in digesting and dissecting the work of their favorite band, and now one loyal Maggot on Reddit  (u/disintegration_) has mapped out the Iowa metal juggernaut's lyrical content to discover the group's most commonly used words. Topping the list comes a slew of terms: "never" (the most commonly used), "just," "know," "see," "away," "everything" and — of course — "fuck."

Note that the Nine's 1996 demo album Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. ​​​​​— the only 'Knot record to feature the group's original vocalist  Anders Colsefni — was not used in the findings. Instead, the amateur study focused on the 79-song catalog of the Corey Taylor–fronted version of the band.



The findings show that Slipknot's newest single "Unsainted," from their upcoming sixth full-length, We Are Not Your Kind, falls into a career-spanning pattern, with passages like "I'll never kill myself to save my soul" prominently incorporating Taylor's most commonly used word "never."

Slipknot's first ever Knotfest Meets Hellfest took place yesterday (June 20th) in Clisson, France, and featured acts like Rob Zombie, Behemoth and Ministry. Next up for the band is the extensive Knotfest Roadshow North American tour, which kicks off in just over a month, on July 26th in Shoreline, California, and is set to continue well past the August 9th release of We Are Not Your Kind. Find a full list of dates here.