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Slipknot Forced to Stop Show Due to Massive Bonfire in Crowd

Fans created a huge blaze of lawn chairs and started circle-pitting around it
Slipknot phoenix fire , Kevin Wilson
Corey Taylor photo credit Kevin Wilson

Slipknot fans in Arizona were on some Woodstock '99 shit. During the band's November 2nd show in Phoenix, the Iowa maniacs were forced to pause their set for roughly 30 minutes so firefighters could extinguish a massive bonfire that was blazing in the middle of the crowd. 

According to numerous fan reports and videos posted to social media, attendees in the lawn section of the outdoor Ak-Chin Pavilion piled a bunch of lawn chairs together and somehow set it aflame in the middle of Slipknot's performance. 

Judging by the litany of videos on Twitter and YouTube, the inferno was shooting up at least 30 feet in the air and was clearly visible from all angles of the massive ampitheatre. In one video taken from right next to the blaze, fans can be seen circle-pitting around it and cheering like lunatics while Slipknot continued to crank through "All Out Life" as the fire raged. 

However, according to a note on, it was after that song that the band had to pause their performance for about a half-hour while firefighters snuffed out the flames. As one user notes, Slipknot were forced to cut "Duality" and "Spit it Out" from their set due to the time lost from taming the flares. 

Luckily, it doesn't appear that anyone was injured. Check out footage below.