Slipknot Meets Bubblegum Pop: Watch Poppy Dig Graves in Crazy New "Concrete" Video | Revolver

Slipknot Meets Bubblegum Pop: Watch Poppy Dig Graves in Crazy New "Concrete" Video

YouTube star and singer's hyperactive new song arrives with announcement of Sumerian Records signing

Singer-songwriter and YouTuber Poppy has been an insurgent presence in heavy music over the past few years — taking the world by storm by releasing countless clips full of unnerving music and phantasmagoric imagery.

Recently, Poppy has begun processing the sounds and visions of nu-metal, reimagining the typically harsh genre through the lens of bubblegum pop. She's a big fan of Slipknot and taking more than a few cues from Iowa's favorite masked madmen. "I really admire Slipknot for being so put together as a band, and they're always pushing their image forward in interesting ways," she told us. "I think people, from what I've seen in pop music, it seems like they get pretty lazy once they get to a certain point. It's disappointing, because I wish they would keep going."

Back in May we got a taste of her evolving vision, when she partnered with us to premiere her song "Scary Mask" — a bonkers collaboration with Los Angeles–Atlanta rap-rock firebrands the Fever 333. Today, Poppy unveiled her latest dizzying work, "Concrete," with an appropriately disorienting music video, along with the announcement that she'll be working with indie-metal label Sumerian records. Watch the madness unfold above.