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Slipknot Reveal Identity of Tortilla Man

Elusive percussionist has finally confirmed his government name
slipknot percussionist 2019, Alexandria Crahan Conway
Slipknot's mystery second percussionist
photograph by Alexandria Crahan Conway

Slipknot have revealed the identity of their elusive new member Tortilla Man. Back in 2019, the chip-faced percussionist joined the group in the place of longtime member Chris Fehn, who departed that year after wearing the No. 3 badge since 1998. For the last three years, there've been numerous elaborate rumors about who the man behind the Tortilla-lookin' mask is, but Slipknot nor the Tortilla Man himself hadn't confirmed his government name until today (March 16th). 

In a new Instagram post on Slipknot's page, the band posted a photo of Tortilla Man holding a sign that says, "I am Michael Pfaff," and announcing an AMA (Reddit slang for "ask me anything") that started today at 3 p.m. EST on Knotfest's official subreddit. Therefore, the fans who speculated about his identity back in 2019 were 100 percent correct about Pfaff, who had previously played in Crahan's alt-rock band Dirty Little Rabbits, and therefore had a connection to Slipknot. 

According to the questions Pfaff has been answering in the Reddit thread, he's a native Iowan who's been aware of the band since 1998. When Slipknot drafted him out of the blue back in 2019, he said he was working his day job when he got the call and after a couple meet-ups with the group, became an official member in a swift fashion. While some fans guessed that there was a different guy wearing the Tortilla Man visage right after Fehn left, Pfaff shot down that rumor and said that he's been the guy behind the mask the whole time. 

When asked what it was like to see the Slipknot fanbase take to the internet to try and decode his identity, Pfaff said, "It was the best. Watching it all unfold was amazing. The theories, the detectives. Amazing." He declined the tell the full story of how he became a member of the Iowa Nine, but he said he hopes to tell all soon, so it sounds like there's an interesting tale about Tortilla Man's journey thus far. Also, no, he didn't reveal any info about the upcoming Slipknot record ("probably shouldn't"), so that's one mystery that's yet to be revealed.