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Slipknot's Corey Taylor Debuts New Mask at Rocklahoma 2021

Band's first show in over a year came with big surprise reveal
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Slipknot's Corey Taylor, Rocklahoma, 2021
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Slipknot played their show in well over a year tonight (September 4th) at the Rocklahoma festival in Pryor, Oklahoma, and frontman Corey Taylor made the occasion an extra special one with the surprise-debut of his new mask. The singer came down with COVID-19 just last week, but fortunately was able to recover in time to lead the Iowan metal juggernaut in their big comeback performance. As for the mask, it's pretty freaky, with small, beady eyes, a wide, face-splitting mouth and Frankenstein-monster-style stitching throughout. See it in photos from social media above and below. So far the fan feedback seems to be mostly positive, with some Maggots noting the mask's resemblance to that of Dr. Decker (played by David Cronenberg) from Clive Barker's 1990 movie Nightbreed.

Taylor mentioned that a new mask was in the works back in April when he talked to Steve-O on the Jackass star's Wild Ride! podcast, but most listeners reasonably assumed that the singer wouldn't be unveiling it until Slipknot's next album cycle. "My new mask is gonna fucking scare kids," Taylor enthused. "It's so gnarly, dude. It's really uncomfortable, it freaked my wife out. She won't look at it, and she loves crazy shit like that. She's just like, ​'That's really bothering me, you need to put that picture away!'"