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Slipknot's Corey Taylor Reveals Favorite Song, Album, Artist of the Decade

A bluesy modern classic, a Swedish punk anthem, a masked band close to his heart
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Corey Taylor

The always self-aware Corey Taylor recently participated in Rolling Stone's "So, How Was Your Decade" series and talked up some of his favorites from the 2010s including his top song, albums and artist. "Prepare yourself for anything I say to get reposted on a million different social media news sites," he joked at the beginning of the interview, and here we are to prove the man whose opinions keep the heavy-metal blogosphere running to be correct once again. 

For his favorite album, the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman chose Rival Sons' 2011 bluesy, classic-rock-tinged effort Pressure and Time. "That album contains everything they do great," Taylor enthused of his pick. "They dabble in so many different styles and they make it work so well, and they're such an organic band. They're probably my favorite band of the last 10 years … or the last 15, really." 

When it comes to his favorite song of the decade, Taylor spotlighted Swedish hardcore punks Refused and their 2015 cut "Elektra." The song appears on Freedom, the band's first LP since 1998's groundbreaking The Shape of Punk to Come, and Taylor identified the tune's main draws as its "off-time riff that you never think is going to resolve the way it's going to, and the delivery is just so fucking frenetic and awesome. That same riff can be played six different times in a different way and it never gets old." 

Not one to play up any false modesty, Taylor acknowledged in the interview the enormous growth Slipknot has seen over the past decade and cited his own group as the artist of the decade. "We're bigger than we've ever been," he confidently, and correctly, claimed. "And in so many ways that we never even realized that we could be."