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Slipknot's 'THE END, SO FAR' Vinyl Has the Wrong Title on Its Cover

And the tracklist has some glaring errors
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Slipknot's new album is called THE END, SO FAR. Four words, not so hard, right? Well, apparently something got lost in translation during the physical manufacturing process, because fans are reporting that the vinyl and cassette versions of the record are showing up with the wrong album title printed on the cover.

Numerous Maggots in the Slipknot subreddit have been reporting that their vinyl copies of THE END, SO FAR are arriving with a sticker on the front with the proper title printed on it. However, if you remove that sticker, the name on the actual jacket reads, "THE END FOR NOW..." — definitely not the right title.

The PRP reports that some fans said the title was also misprinted on the actual text of the vinyl itself. And what's more, other buyers are saying that certain variants had errors in the tracklisting, with "The Dying Song (Time to Sing)" listed as "Dying Song" and "Hive Mind" squished together into one word, "Hivemind."

Some fans have even reported that certain cassette copies of THE END, SO FAR contain the same title misprint as the vinyl, so this was clearly a mistake that stretched across numerous physical formats.

In a Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything") that went down earlier this week, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor was asked why Slipknot changed the title from, THE END, FOR NOW.... The fan was reasonably assuming that Slipknot must have made a last-minute switch, and that's why all of these physical versions are printed incorrectly. But Taylor said that the error was someone else's doing.

"THE END, SO FAR was the correct name," he replied. "Somebody fucked up and didn't double check with us."

The silver lining here is that when Slipknot almost certainly correct this error on the next round of pressings, these misprints will become valuable novelty items. So if you have one, keep it in good condition.

Check out photos of the misprints below.