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Slipknot's New Member: Corey Taylor Shares Epic Fan Theory

Maggot's speculation runs wild about mysterious masked 9th member in "Unsainted" video
second percussionist
Slipknot's mystery second percussionist

Slipknot fans have been on a wild goose chase since the premiere of the band's latest music video for "Unsainted," which features a mysterious unidentified ninth member that stepped in after the departure of percussionist Chris Fehn. As speculation runs wild and the group gears up to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight (May 17th), frontman Corey Taylor boosted a particularly elaborate conspiratorial fan theory on Twitter claiming the unknown masked musician is ... none other than Taylor himself. 

"Who is the new member?" asked user Diana Ian Powell on the site earlier this morning. Powell's question seems innocent enough before taking a sharp left turn into chin-scratching territory. The conspiracy goes on, "Well there is no new member it's @CoreyTaylorRock itself [sic] with his new mask. He wears the #8 on his jumpsuit and at the end he burns his own statute [sic] and only 8 members left. You are welcome. Unless it's his son. But i hope @slipknot can address that tonight." 

Powell punctuates her point by including several stills taken from the new video as well as snapshots of the singer working with Tom Savini on his latest mask incarnation.

Taylor, seemingly amused by the antics surrounding the new ninth member, reposted the wild postulation with a series of cry-laughing emojis to hint at the likelihood that this theory is less than accurate.

"Please tell me if am right or wrong damm [sic] it," the fan asked Taylor in a follow-up tweet. No answers from Slipknot's camp have emerged yet, but perhaps Powell is correct and we'll have to watch to find out more when Slipknot take the stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight, airing at 11:35 PM EST.