Slipknot's New Song "Yen": Read Lyrics of "Sweat and Blood" | Revolver

Slipknot's New Song "Yen": Read Lyrics of "Sweat and Blood"

The Nine channel Type O Negative on third 'THE END, SO FAR' single

As big Type O Negative fans, we here at Revolver HQ have been particularly eager to hear Slipknot's new song "Yen," off their upcoming album, THE END, SO FAR. Singer Corey Taylor, who has cited the cut as one of his favorites on the record, described it as taking "a Type O approach" while also "kind of touching our inner Tom Waits in weird ways." Sounded good to us.

Today (August 5th), the Iowan nonet finally unveiled the song and it definitely has some brooding, sultry Type O vibes. The music is gothy and doomy β€” though, of course, it does eventually explode into some signature 'Knot roaring and keg-smacking β€” and the words, too, could almost pass for vampiric, sex-and-death-obsessed Peter Steele poetry. Read the lyrics, courtesy of Genius, below.