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Slipknot's Sid Wilson Being Treated for Meniscus Tears in Both Knees

"I'm being rebuilt like a bionic man"
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Slipknot's Sid Wilson
photograph by Kevin Wilson

Sid Wilson is known for being one of the most physically risky guys in Slipknot. The DJ is famous for landing wild stage dives during their shows and generally tossing himself around stage like a maniac, and apparently, those 20 some odd years of wear and tear are catching up with him. In a new interview with Full Metal Jackie, the 45-year-old revealed that he's currently undergoing treatment for meniscus tears in both of his knees, touting that he's "being rebuilt like the bionic man."

At one point during the interview (as transcribed by Loudwire), Wilson was asked how he's keeping himself prepared for the physically demanding routine of a Slipknot show.

"That's a great question because just recently I've been making trips to Los Angeles and getting treatment on my knees," Wilson said. "My knees have gotten very degenerative with over the years from all of the dancing and jumping off of high objects and landing on my feet — all of that [stuff] people are familiar with.

"I have a meniscus tear in my left knee and a multi-angular meniscus tear in my right knee, which means it's like spider web tears. So there's several tears going in all different directions. And I started doing what's called a Regenicin treatment, which is usually done by the same people who do stem cell treatment.

"What they do is take my blood and then they take the blood cells, activate them into repair mode and then inject them back into the joint where the problem is happening. It's just really long needles and they go all the way into the center of my knee when they inject this. I'm on my second stage of the treatment now and when I go back to Los Angeles here in about a week or so, I'm going to have three more treatments done. There's a lot of physio that happens with that, too. I'm a being rebuilt like the bionic man."

Anyone who puts themselves through the stunts that Wilson has been doing for two decades is bound to start feeling it eventually, but we're glad to hear that Wilson is getting himself repaired so he can keep diving off of shit for another 20 years (at least). 

Elsewhere in the interview, Wilson gave a cryptic tease about his parts on the upcoming Slipknot album, hinting that he drew from outside of earth's atmosphere while harvesting sounds to sample. 

"In a way, we're touring and touring and getting further and further from earth," he explained. "So I actually dove into a lot of samples from different moons around different planets within our solar system to kind of translate the amount of travel we were doing and also bringing it back down to earth for everyone to listen to. So my sound selection was a little more off-planet than normal."

Whatever the hell that means, we're excited to find out.