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SOIL singer Ryan McCombs rejoins DROWNING POOL

McCombs will be doing double duty going forward
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It's official: Ryan McCombs is returning to front Drowning Pool. As reported by Metal Edge, the singer will play his first shows back with the band on Friday, March 17th (at Club L.A. in Destin, Florida, with Adelita's Way and Otherwise), and Saturday, March 18th, headlining the inaugural Throwdown at the Campground festival in Fruitland Park, Florida.

McCombs commented: "When I stepped away from music back in 2004, I only got back into the mix because it was with [Drowning Pool members] C.J., Stephen and Mike, and because it was also a way for me to be a small part of keeping their music with Dave [late Drowning Pool vocalist Dave Williams] alive. Just being back in the same room together after so many years, gearing up for these shows, was a quick reminder as to why I considered them to be my best friends in the business back in the day. As everyone living life can attest to, sometimes our days can get messy — but in the words of one Dave Williams, 'Everything happens for reasons, I just don't know …' Some of the greatest moments in my career came about as a member of DP and I'm really thankful for the opportunity to perform with them once again."

McCombs fronted Chicago hard rockers Soil from 1997 through 2004, after which he joined Drowning Pool. During that time they issued two studio albums, 2008's Full Circle and 2010's Drowning Pool, as well as 2009's gold-certified Loudest Common Denominator live effort. They also produced three Top 5 singles: "37 Stitches," "Feel Like I Do" and "Turn So Cold." After parting ways with Drowning Pool in 2011, he hooked back up with Soil, and has been with the group since. McCombs remains the frontman of Soil, and will perform with both bands moving forward.