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Sound That Ends Creation: Hear Pupil Slicer Singer Roar on Batshit Anti-Cop Song

One-man math-grind band unveils new single "You're a Loose Cannon, But You Get Results"

Some bands have a name that tells you all you need to know about them. The Sound That Ends Creation are one of those bands. 

The one-man experimental mathcore project of Allen, Texas, multi-instrumentalist Chris Dearing sound like if ear-twisting groups like iwrestledabearonce and the Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza were even more influenced by avant-garde maestro John Zorn. It's fucking insane. 

Today, the Sound That Ends Creation have announced their sixth album since forming in 2015, Boomers, Zoomers, Desperate Coomers. It's out in early November, but we're premiering its discombobulating lead single, "You're A Loose Cannon, But You Get Results," which features guest vocals from Pupil Slicer frontwoman Katie Davies. 

Musically, the track is a chaotic whirlwind of free jazz, mathcore, grind and more. Piano runs crash willingly into blast beats; Rat Pack croons roll over into guttural growls; staccato guitar licks leap between time signatures and tempos like an adventure hero jumping between rocks to escape a molten lava pit. 

It's completely unhinged in the best way possible, but lyrically it confronts police brutality and the racism inherent to our criminal justice system with scorching intensity. "This man is a renegade cop, who doesn't play by the rules/A chill klan shill, red pilled, looking for the legal kill," Dearing yowls. 

Its video keeps the pandemonium going by following a gruesome, donut-headed cop as he gallivants around town shooting innocent civilians at random. Watch and listen above via YouTube.  

"This song sheds light on police brutality, and the 'shoot first, ask questions later' training being taught to our police," Dearing says. "This practice creates more victims than it helps, and has transformed the police into an occupying force in poor communities and particularly communities of color."

Boomers, Zoomers, Desperate Coomers is out November 5th and is now available for pre-order. See the artwork and track listing below. 

Sound that Ends Creation art

Boomers, Zoomers, Desperate Coomers track listing: 
"Jivin' And Vibin'"
"Just As You Have Planted Y/our SEed, I will Plant My Seed In You"
"Set your Shirt OFf... It's Pervert Time (Featuring Cameron McBride)"
"Stops Frequent Urination, Causes Explosive Diarrhea"
"I'm Sorry, I Can't Hear You Over The Sound Of How Wealthy I Am"
"I Hate ICE, I Don't Even Put It In My Water (Feat. Carson Pace of THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS)"
"I Tried To Be a Programmer, But Couldn't Hack It"
"You're A Loose Cannon, But You Get Results (Feat. Kate Davies of PUPIL SLICER)"
"What's The Difference Between A Politician And A Flying Pig"
"When I Take Out The Recycling, I Look Like A Raging Alcoholic"
"It's Going To Be A No From Me Dawg"