Spiral Into Funeral-Doom Depths With Evoken's New Song "Ceremony of Bleeding" | Revolver

Spiral Into Funeral-Doom Depths With Evoken's New Song "Ceremony of Bleeding"

Long-running New Jersey doomsayers return with crushing, expansive single

In 2018, pioneering funeral-doom killers Evoken are teetering on the precipice of a quarter century as a band. The long-running New Jersey staple has established an impressive legacy thus far of subtly melodic brutality, anchored on the guitar and drum work of original members John Paradiso and Vince Verkay. Just like the band's sound, Evoken efforts are never rushed — their last album dropped in 2012 — which is probably the reason why each have been so compelling and well-crafted. 

Due November 9th via Profound LoreHypnagogia is Evoken's latest LP and their sixth overall. The first single is "Ceremony of Bleeding," an eight-minute journey that starts with dreamy, clean guitar tones before descending into the depths. The track contains many of the traditional Evoken hallmarks — melodic passages underneath crushing riffs and ominous synth work, yet also — as the band is quick to admit — it takes some interesting chances along the way. 

"'Ceremony of Bleeding' was one of the last tracks written for Hypnagogia," explains Verkay. "Towards the end, right before we recorded this track, we became embolden and added elements to this song which were very foreign to the traditional Evoken style of writing. We are very pleased with the result, and if people like it, then great, if not, it's their loss." Check it out above.