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Stolen Asses, Gory Battles: See the Damned Things' Funny New "Something Good" Video

Anthrax, Every Time I Die, Fall Out Boy supergroup gets animated in surreal, graphic visual

The Damned Things are a supergroup composed of world-class musicians, but that doesn't mean they take themselves the least bit seriously when it comes to churning out hilariously weird videos. While they nearly died off in February's raucous clip for "Cells," this time around we see singer Keith Buckley imagined as a dreadful cartoon warrior slaying beasts and roaming the land in search of his missing ... ass. 

In a posterior-focused scavenger hunt for the wayward rump, Buckley's animated likeness heads out on the trail after ingesting his morning "Scrotemeal," he's swooped up by a flying set of evil breasts and escorted into a monstrous hellscape where Scott Ian stars (in cartoon form) as a devilish overlord with machine-gun nipples that blast Buckley and his pendulous chariot into oblivion. 

After a trippy fall through a skull-lined tunnel finds our protagonist head-to-head with mysterious butt alien, a ball-gagged snail chariot whisks him off in bondage to see their leader played by bassist Dan Andriano. In case this hasn't gotten strange enough yet, wait around to spot the scene between Joe Trohman and a baby Baphomet wearing a foam finger that says "I heart balls" on one side and "and I heart you" on the other. These dudes are known jokesters, but this video might be their wildest experiment yet. 

The fucking wild video for "Something Good" was directed, drawn, and animated by Kris Baldwin, a Los Angeles based artist whose work has appeared on Adult Swim and in videos for Tomahawk, Chelou, and more. The Damned Things' latest album High Crimes is available now through Nuclear Blast.