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Stream Neolithic's Killer New Death-Crust Split with Martyrdöd

Baltimore band debuts "Inner Adversary" paired with Swedish crust punks' "War of Worlds"

For a moment there, every single band was rocking the HM2, had heard Trap Them and Tragedy and tried to recount their work into their own "original" mashup of the two. The world was flooded with b- and c-level pseudo death metal/hardcore and "stadium crust," none of it good and most of it highly forgettable and derivative. The truth is extremity is what got those initial bands to the winner's circle in the first place: taking things a little bit further than everyone else's comfort level — like Martyrdöd did during said wave of mediocrity.

Crust has always been the primary vehicle for Sweden's Martyrdöd (with nods to latter Anti-Cimex and other melodic d-beat along the way) — all lead by worm-ridden vocals that would impress any Stockholm DM purist. The band follows up 2016's List with a new cut, "War of Worlds," paired with "Inner Adversary" from new Baltimore-based band Neolithic. Stream that split 7-inch below.

Neolithic may be a new entity, but they play like they've been around the block. With similar reference points and equally brutal approach to Martyrdöd, the band is a hybrid of current and former members of Pulling Teeth, Putrisect and Ruiner, playing crust-inflected metal with a live fury that is jaw-dropping for a young band. The recorded material captures a lot of that energy, so grab the new 7-inch and look out for their first EP The Cult of Ignorance, both via Deep Six.


2/22/2018 Ottobar - Baltimore, MD w/ Full of Hell, Prisoner
5/27/2018 Soundstage - Baltimore, MD @ Maryland Deathfest