Strippers, Tide Pods, Church: See Polyphia's Wild "Look but Don't Touch" Video | Revolver

Strippers, Tide Pods, Church: See Polyphia's Wild "Look but Don't Touch" Video

Prog-metal memelords' bonkers new single and visual features singer Lewis Grant

Polyphia are total memelords, but these unabashed trolls back up their IDGAF attitude with absolutely insane technical ability and a unique take on progressive metal unlike any other band in their lane. Today they've dropped a new song and video, "Look but Don't Touch" featuring singer Lewis Grant, and holy shit, it is a ride. The completely bonkers visual starts with the band in their version of heaven — a paradise of strippers, neon signs, cocaine, boners and Tide Pods. After getting their fill of detergent, the band is sent straight to hell, where they escape the sea of fiery inverted crosses and suddenly get really giant, and stomp through a city. 

Musically, "Look but Don't Touch" is another step forward in the band's hip-hop–influenced approach to progressive metal, taking what sounds like a trap beat and then adding their noodly guitar work to direct the music in strange directions. From one second to the next, it's hard to tell whether or not you're going to get hit with something absurdly heavy or a clean and pretty refrain. Meanwhile, on the video side of things, the band cruises through various works of art before a newscast comes on, and eventually sending the group spiraling into the galaxy with some weed bro. The craziness halts, though, when Grant shows up in the video, and it all shifts to a church where multiples of the singer are shown delivering some really heartfelt vocals that seem to question the meaning of existence and, amazingly, sort of sum up the strange worlds of the video. The visual finally cruises out of the church, revealing it all to be a huge complex in hell with a bunch of strippers. Try to find another video this crazy. We dare you.