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Apes, Monsters, Prophets: See Supreme Unbeing's Insane New Animated Video

Mysterious band's single "You'll Never Make It" gets colorful clip

Who are Supreme Unbeing? Last month, the mysterious metal band unleashed the rip-roaring single "You'll Never Make It," and today (July 20th) they've unveiled an accompanying video "message" — the outfit's first music video ever — but we're still not really any closer to knowing the answer to that question. The vivid animated clip was created by Balázs Gróf (Testament, Obituary, Red Fang) and stars Supreme Unbeing vocalist/prophet Zac Red who "acts as the physical form of our collective consciousness" and is joined in the video by a trio of fellow prophets/bandmates: D. Vine, Unknown and Al Mytee. The animated short tells the story of humanity's quest to understand their own existence, from creation through the present. Watch above.

Whoever they may actually be, Supreme Unbeing are set to release additional messages/singles "Animals", "Solution" and "Dreaming" over the coming months ahead of the release of their debut full-length, Enter Reality. The LP is scheduled to drop on October 10th via EMP Label Group.

"I received a strange, unmarked package in the mail one day," EMP's Thom Hazaert tells us. "No return address, no information, just a hand recorded cassette tape, with the words "SUPREME UNBEING" written on it. Thankfully, I still own a cassette player, so I put it in, and couldn't believe what I was hearing. I'm still not entirely sure who the band is, or what I signed (and I think they might actually be cartoons), but once I heard it, I just knew they had to be on EMP. The messages of Zac Red were just too powerful to ignore. And to be honest, it hasn't left my cassette deck since."

As for EMP founder and Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, he disavowed any knowledge of the band: "Who???"

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