SWOLLEN TEETH: Hear SID WILSON-endorsed band's new rager "CAR CRASH" | Revolver

SWOLLEN TEETH: Hear SID WILSON-endorsed band's new rager "CAR CRASH"

Debut EP coming on Ghostemane and Ross Robinson's label Blowed Out Records

Earlier this year, the metal world at large was introduced to a rising underground force called Swollen Teeth that have some big names behind them: Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson, who produced their upcoming self-titled debut EP, and trap-metal star Ghostemane and "Godfather of Nu-Metal" Ross Robinson, who will be releasing said EP together on their label Blowed Out Records.

Today (March 8th), Swollen Teeth offered up the EP's second single "CAR CRASH," the follow-up to January's "SWOLLENTEETH." Like its predecessor, it's a chaotic, crushing affair, raw and shambolic. Blast it above via its similarly ferocious music video.

"All cylinders are firing," the masked, anonymous band commented in a joint statement. "Safe travels and ask yourself: Which one of us is next?"

While some eagle-eyed Slipknot sleuths have speculated that Swollen Teeth is actually a side project of Wilson's, the DJ and producer didn't confirm or deny that level of involvement when Revolver talked to him and Robinson about the band in January. Robinson did draw deep parallels between Swollen Teeth and Slipknot, however. "When I was involved with Slipknot, the version of the band back then is very similar to what this is," he enthused. "My favorite version. It rings [of] hunger, like the rawness of the beginning of Slipknot. It's just very, very hungry."

Swollen Teeth's self-titled EP is due out April 26th.