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SYSTEM OF A DOWN crush Sick New World: See videos and setlist

Alt-metal weirdos pulled out live rarities during epic first show of 2023
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photograph by Azu Rodriguez

Last night (May 13th), the nu-metal event of the year, Sick New World festival, finally happened. Korn, Deftones, Incubus, Coal Chamber, Evanescence and more played like it was 1999 at the massive one-day event in Las Vegas, but the highlight of the night seemed to be the headliners System of a Down.

The alt-metal weirdos capped off the whole event with a whopping 31-song (!) set that was packed to the brim with live rarities. So far, this is the only System of a Down show on the books for 2023, so the band clearly made the most of it by playing a dream setlist for any true SOAD fan — and there were thousands of them at this gig. 

The band busted out "Soil" and "Forest" for the first time since 2015; "Darts" and "DAM" for the first time since 2017; and then "Peephole" — a song that hasn't been in regular rotation in their setlist since 1999 — for the first time since 2013! 

Of course, they also played the hits. Opening with "Prison Song." Closing with a one-two punch of "Toxicity" into "Sugar." "B.Y.O.B.," "Chop Suey!" and "Aerials" were in there. It would be difficult for any SOAD fan to be upset about the tracks they chose to play.

Naturally, fans had their phone cameras up throughout the show, and you can see select video of the performance below via YouTube. Also, check out the setlist courtesy of

System of a Down May 13th, 2023 setlist: 
Prison Song
Soil (First live performance since 2015)
Mind (Intro only)
Darts (First live performance since 2017)
Soldier Side - Intro
Genocidal Humanoidz
Deer Dance
Chop Suey!
Lonely Day
Lost in Hollywood
Peephole (First live performance since 2013)
Dreaming (Middle breakdown only)
Forest (First live performance since 2015)
Protect the Land
DAM (First live performance since 2017)