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SYSTEM OF A DOWN: Hear clip of SHAVO ODADJIAN's "heavy" new solo album

Bassist posted song clip filled with breakdowns and blast beats
shavo.jpg, Greg Watermann
Shavo Odadjian 2018
photograph by Greg Watermann

System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian is working on a "heavy" new solo album. And when he says heavy, he means it. In a new Instagram post, Odadjian announced that for the last few months, he's been writing and recording new material with Winds of Plague guitarist Michael Montoya, who's also produced music for big-name rappers like Juice Wrld and Machine Gun Kelly.

On top of announcing that a new project is in the works, Odadjian posted a clip of one of his new songs playing on the studio monitors, and it sounds heavier than anything System of a Down has ever released. 

Beginning with a chugging breakdown that could be mistaken for your favorite deathcore band, the song eventually picks up with some straight-up blast-beats and also tosses in some eerie clean vocals that sound a little bit Deftones-ish. It's unlike anything Odadjian has ever been a part of, and he seems super stoked for fans to get to hear the upcoming project. 

"After years of experimenting with different styles and genres for my side projects, I decided to go back to my roots and make a heavy solo record," Odadjian wrote. "Been working hard writing and recording with my bro Michael Montoya for a few months now. Here's a lil snippet of what's to come. Who wants to hear more of this?"

We do! But for now, take a listen to the aforementioned clip below.