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T-PAIN: JACK BLACK inspired me to cover BLACK SABBATH's "War Pigs"

T-Pain's version is just a tribute
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Rapper and singer T-Pain won the hearts of metalheads this year with a wildly soulful cover of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs." As it turns out, Tenacious D icon and actor Jack Black was the inspiration for the cover, as Black crushed the Sabbath classic in a 2011 appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Released last month, T-Pain's On Top of the Covers album runs the gamut when it comes to genre. The musician covers everyone from Sam Cooke and Frank Sinatra to Journey and Black Sabbath, which serves as the album's closer. It's a beautiful love letter to some of T-Pain's favorite cuts, and "War Pigs" may be the album's biggest hit so far.

"They're all songs that had something to do with a big part of my life, or songs that I'd listen to back with no problem, just those special songs in my life," T-Pain told Stereogum. "Like, 'War Pigs' — I would always go to a clip of Jack Black singing it on a talk show. Anytime Jack Black comes up in conversation, I always go to that clip and just show people that he did 'War Pigs.' I grew a liking to the song from that."

Some fans thought T-Pain used his classic auto tune for the Sabbath cover, but the artist quickly put those theories to bed in a tweet. Who cares what the haters say, though, because Geezer Butler himself has gone on record to say T-Pain's cover is "great."

If you haven't heard it yet, check out T-Pain's "War Pigs" cover below, as well as the spirited Black performance that inspired it.