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Take an Epic Psychedelic Trip With Doom Band Fórn's Insane New Two-Song Video

Boston-area band presents "涂地" and "Manifestations of the Divine Root" in one crushing visual

Boston-area band Fórn have created a sprawling and dire landscape with their supremely epic two-song video, comprising "涂地," a collaborative effort with Lane Shi of Elizabeth Colour Wheel, and "Manifestations of the Divine Root," both off the group's forthcoming LP Rites of Despair. Combined, the two songs span three movements — a jaw-dropping ambient drone section, a hyper-melodic funeral doom part and a spacious post-rock conclusion — that bring to mind Mournful Congregation, Spectral Voice and even early Pallbearer in moments. Check it out for yourself above and pre-order your copy of Fórn's Rites of Despair via Gilead Media ahead of it's September 21st release.

"涂地 [translates] from Mandarin Chinese as a meaning of 'all over the ground'" according to the band. "The word can be separated into two: TU涂 and DI地; 'TU' which means to paint over something while 'DI' means ground, or soil — together they form an emotion to describe a large scale of overgrowth. This theme continues as '涂地' builds a desperate sonic landscape that feeds into the album's second track, 'Manifestations of the Divine Root.' The pair form a juxtaposition that is thematic of the album as a whole. While '涂地' lays foundation to the albums' contextual battle between melody and dense sonic layering, 'Manifestations' simultaneously tears down and expands on those themes, bringing with it an atmosphere teetering between delicacy and root-rattling abrasiveness. 'Manifestation of the Divine Root' focuses on utilizing the tools of nature's power to change one's reality and attempt to overcome depression/loss."

Fórn, 2018

Fórn tour dates:
June 14 New Orleans, LA, Santos Bar
June 15 Hattiesburg, MS, Tavern
June 16 Houston, TX, While Oak Music Hall
June 17 Austin, TX, Austin Terror Fest
June 18 Dallas, TX, Reno's
June 19 Oklahoma City, OK, 89th St
June 20 Albuquerque, NM, Sister Bar
June 21 Colorado Springs, CO, Triple Nickel 
June 22 Denver, CO, Trve Brewing Fest 
June 23 Michigan City, IN, House show
June 24 Brooklyn, NY, Elsewhere
July 21 Brooklyn, NY, Saint Vitus Bar
July 27 Pittsburgh, PA, Migration Fest