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Testament Have Gotten Faster Since Dave Lombardo Joined

Eric Peterson says thrash vets have "sped up" since former Slayer drummer hopped aboard in early 2022
Dave Lombardo 2015-ish press live shot , Milosz Bauza
Dave Lombardo
photograph by Milosz Bauza

Testament have supposedly gotten even faster since Dave Lombardo stepped behind the kit. Earlier this year, the former Slayer drummer officially joined Testament in place of Gene Hoglan, who amicably departed the Bay Area vets to focus on other projects. 

Lombardo spent the whole year gigging with the band, and in a new interview with Testament guitarist Eric Peterson, he said their new drummer's powerhouse playstyle has made them quicker than they were before. 

"His groove is a lot different," Peterson said in an interview with Bloodstock TV. "I noticed we sped up a little bit, which is a good thing. I like that we're speeding up."

Elsewhere in the interview, Peterson revealed that Testament are gearing up to start making a new record, marking their first with Lombardo since 1999's, The Gathering, which was recorded during Lombardo's initial two-year stint with the band back in the late Nineties. This would be Testament's first album since 2020's Titans of Creation.

"I'm gonna start working on some new material, I've been working on ideas," Peterson said. "But gonna try to put the puzzle together. So yeah, hopefully in late 2023 we'll have a new record out."