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TOOL plotting "big tour" for fall 2023

Danny Carey teased upcoming dates during recent message to fans
tool PRESS 2019 3, Travis Shinn
photograph by Travis Shinn

Outside of their headlining festival appearances at Florida's Welcome to Rockville (May 21st) and Ohio's Sonic Temple (May 25th), TOOL have no other shows on the schedule for 2023. At least not yet. According to drummer Danny Carey, the alt-metal giants are planning a "big tour" that's set to go down later this fall, presumably throughout North America. 

The drummer spilled the beans during a video acceptance speech for Drumeo, who bestowed him with the title of "Progressive Drummer of the Year." After doling out the proper "thank yous" for his award, Carey ended his speech by giving TOOL fans a taste of what the band has in-store for later in 2023. 

"I hope to see you out there on the road in 2023," Carey said. "We have a big tour coming in the fall, a few festivals in the summertime."

That's not a whole lot to go on, but it's enough to get us pumped at the prospect of an oncoming slew of TOOL dates. Drumeo is a website that offers video lessons and tutorials for drummers of all experience levels, and since it's based in Canada, we have to imagine Carey was directing that tour tease at North American viewers (it could very well be a world tour, as well). 

See Carey's spiel below and stay tuned for more details.