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TOOL: See 9-Year-Old Girl's Magnificent Cover of "7empest"

Kid prodigy mastered a 15-minute song from 'Fear Inoculum'

Maya Neelakantan is only nine years old and she's already a better guitar player than most musicians two, three, four times her age. The kid prodigy has a YouTube channel where she performs awesome covers of metal songs by the likes of Lamb of God and Metallica, and her most recent cover is a tremendous rendition of TOOL's "7empest" — a 15-minute sidewinder from their 2019 album, Fear Inoculum.

As far as TOOL songs go, "7empest" is an incredibly formidable undertaking, but Neelakantan said that after several months of intense practice, she was able to nail it for all of her viewers to see. Here's what she said about tackling this particular cover. 

"Hi Everyone! I am sorry I haven't been doing guitar covers for awhile because I have been trying to perfect this song and get this song to the absolute best so I can play it fluently. This is a really long and hard song and its my favorite of all TOOL songs.

"It was an incredible journey for me when learning the entire 16 minutes of mind blowing melodies and solos! I feel Adam Jones, my favorite guitarist, really shines throughout the song. I hope you all enjoy it!"

Watch her utterly dominate the track above via YouTube.