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Tool: See Danny Carey's Drum Tech Swiftly Replace Snare Mid-Song

So smooth that the alt-metal drummer doesn't miss a beat
Tool danny carey drum tech video screen

Danny Carey is a busy drummer. The Tool percussionist has a pretty goddamn elaborate kit with roughly a dozen cymbals, a fuck-ton of toms and a big-ass gong behind his stool. With so many rhythmic noise-makers, there're so many opportunities for something to go wrong — a loose screw, a busted drum head, a faulty kick spur, etc. Therefore, Carey needs a superb drum tech to keep all the moving pieces in tip-top shape, and by god he's found one in Joe Slaby, who recently switched out one of Carey's snares mid-song without letting the musician miss a single beat. 

In a video posted to Slaby's Instagram, Carey is bashing away during a performance of "The Grudge" when he suddenly realizes his snare is fucked up and turns around to give Slaby a concerned nod. Within moments, the technician slides between Carey's moving body and the cramped kit, removes the broken snare, and swiftly replaces it with a fresh one in a matter of seconds. Carey, who never stops playing, rotates back, gives the new snare a few taps and then turns around to give a quick smile that expresses the sentiment, "Hell yes, thank you." 

It's a fucking sick display of professional prowess. Take a watch below via Instagram.