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TOOL: See Terrifying Behind-the-Scenes Images From "Opiate2" Video

Visual artist Dominic Hailstone pulls back the veil

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Today (March 18th), TOOL released their first music video in 15 years, "Opiate²," a 10-minute short film soundtracked by the prog-metal powerhouse's extended reimagining of the title track off their 1992 debut EP. Available exclusively on Blu-ray, the video was created by visual artist Dominic Hailstone (Alien: Covenant, The Eel), who worked with guitarist Adam Jones — himself a former VFX artist with blockbusters like Jurassic Park and Terminator 2 on his resume — on the clip. The two also collaborated on the filmed pieces featured on the band's current Fear Inoculum tour.

As you can see in the three-minute excerpt from the short film above, "Opiate²" portrays a Francis Bacon-esque humanoid life form as it queasily mutates in an unearthly realm. It was created via a mix of practical effects and computer graphics, and Hailstone has created a new Instagram account, @opiate2behindthescenes, where he's sharing scenes stills, insight and sketches. See some of the startling images he's posted so far below.