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Tool's 1991 Demo '72826' Now Available on Digital Streaming Services

Band begins first-ever digital rollout of back catalog ahead of fifth studio album's August 30th release

Ahead of the August 30th release of their as-yet-untitled fifth studio album, Tool have made their 1991 demo 72826 available for streaming on digital services including YouTube and Google Play – nothing on Apple Music or Spotify yet, though the band has had official (if empty) artist pages there for some time now. 

The six-track demo features the raw, unfiltered sound of the newly formed group, then just around a year old. Two of the six tracks, "Sober" and "Crawl Away," would eventually make it onto Tool's 1993 debut full-length Undertow after a bit of polishing up in the interim two-year period between releases. 

The band, and singer Maynard James Keenan in particular, have been averse to allowing their music to exist on these services before, and this release marks their first foray into streaming. Keenan elaborated on the decision to abstain to the Phoenix New Times in 2013, explaining, "There's a disconnect between people not buying music and not understanding why [bands] go away ...They don't really get that for [musicians and artists] to do these things, they have to fund them. They have to have something to pay the rent."

Hear "Cold and Ugly" from 72826 in above, and stay tuned for more of the band's remaining material to become available in the weeks to come. 


1. Cold And Ugly
2. Hush
3. Part Of Me
4. Crawl Away
5. Sober
6. Jerk-Off