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Tool's First Show in 2 Years: See Photos and Setlist From Triumphant Tour Kickoff

Prog-metal titans picked up right where they left off
maynard james keenan tool NORTHROP 2022, Sarah Northrop
photograph by Sarah Northrop

On March 12th, 2020, Tool were scheduled to play the Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Oregon, in support of their triumphant comeback album, Fear Inoculum, when the show was abruptly canceled as nationwide lockdowns began to take effect in response to the rapid spread of COVID-19. Little did anyone realize at the time how long the pandemic would persist, but last night (January 10th), nearly two years later, the prog-metal juggernaut finally resumed the Fear Inoculum tour by picking up literally right where they left off: at the Matthew Knight Arena.

The location may have been the same, but the setlist brought some welcomed swerves. Tool dug deep and broke out the extended version of "Opiate," the title cut off their debut 1992 EP. They played Ænima standouts "Pushit" and "Hooker With a Penis" for the first times since 2014, and 10,000 Days' "Right in Two" for the first time since 2011. Photographer Sarah Northrop was there to catch the momentous, psychedelic action — see her photos, as well as the full setlist (via, below.

tool NORTHROP 2022.01.10 2
tool NORTHROP 2022.01.10 3
tool NORTHROP 2022.01.10 4
tool NORTHROP 2022.01.10 5
tool NORTHROP 2022.01.10 8
tool NORTHROP 2022.01.10 9
tool NORTHROP 2022.01.10 10
tool NORTHROP 2022.01.10 11
tool NORTHROP 2022.01.10 12
2022.01.10 tool NORTHROP 14
2022.01.10 tool NORTHROP 17
tool NORTHROP 2022.01.10 16
tool NORTHROP 2022.01.10 18
tool NORTHROP 2022.01.10 19
tool NORTHROP 2022.01.10 20

Tool setlist, Eugene, Oregon, 1/10/22:
1. Fear Inoculum
2. Opiate (extended version)
3. The Pot
4. Pushit (first time since 2014, album version)
5. Pneuma
6. The Grudge
7. Right in Two (first time since 2011)
8. Hooker With a Penis (first time since 2014)
9. Descending
10. Chocolate Chip Trip
11. Eon Blue Apocalypse
12. The Patient
13. Invincible