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TOOL's Justin Chancellor: Hear MTVoid's Trippy New Song "Scanner Void"

Sweet Noise's Glaca rounds out duo prepping album No. 2

TOOL bassist Justin Chancellor and Sweet Noise's Piotr "Glaca" Mohamed announced the long-awaited second album from their collaborative project MTVoid way back in January, and now we're getting a first real taste of what's to come when the record, titled Manner's Knot, arrives in full later this year.

"Scanner Void" is a brief, two-and-a-half-minute low-rumbling tune that uses laser-like synths and sharp licks to form a dynamic journey through textural soundscapes and subconscious musings. Death Grips producer and guest musician Andy Morin adds depth with his drum and synth licks while Mohamed's gravelly voice warns, "They are scanning your soul."

"Right now, technology is grabbing and shaping humanity," the Polish singer explains of the song's meaning. "We sell our souls to this whole system that is devouring their beauty."

Chancellor adds, "Peter and I really push each other ... My playing is a reaction to what he creates. He'll hit me with a beat, and I'll spend days recording to it — almost in stream-of-consciousness. I'll respond to him, and I'm always excited at what he pulls out from my response. It's all cause and effect. There is a means to this end though; we're both trying to write a song we would like to listen to. There's a genuine momentum to it."

The band promises album details soon, with the LP out by summer's end.