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Toxic Holocaust's Joel Grind Picks His Top Five Punk Albums


Toxic Holocaust has always delivered a noticeable blend of metal and punk—especially on their new album, Chemistry of Consciousness, due out October 29. And even as thrash as some of the previous records have been, Toxic Holocaust frontman Joel Grind likes to keep that dose of punk rock in the mix. With that in mind, Revolver asked Grind what his favorite punk albums are.
1. GBH, City Baby Attacked by Rats
"This record always puts me in a good mood and is such a huge influence on me."

2. Dead Kennedys, Plastic Surgery Disasters
"One of the first records to actually make me think. Tomorrow you're homeless. Tonight it's a blast."

3. Black Flag, Slip It In
"With Black Flag it's hard to choose because I love them all, but this one really takes me back to skateboarding with my friends in my early teens."

4. Discharge, Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing.
"Simplistic, dark and apocalyptic. Huge influence."

5. Ramones, Any/All
"If you don't like the Ramones, you're wrong."



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