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TRIVIUM: 1975 fan buys MATT HEAFY Cameo instead of MATTY HEALY

Classic mixup
Trivium Matt Heafy 1975 Matty Healy split, Matthew Baker/Getty Images
Matty Healy photo by Matthew Baker/Getty Images

It was bound to happen. Matt Heafy, guitarist-singer of the metal band Trivium, has a very similar name to Matt "Matty" Healy, frontman of the British pop-rock giants the 1975. So it must've been pretty disappointing when a 1975 fan innocently ordered a Cameo message from who they thought was their musical idol (Healy), but turned out to be a totally different musician (Heafy). Classic mixup.

In a TikTok video explaining the situation, a user who posts as "@postpartyband" shared that he was looking for a gift to send to someone he was close with for the New Year, and upon browsing Cameo — the app where celebrities charge fans for personalized video messages — he was aghast to see that a star as big as Healy was selling Cameos for only $75 (Cameos for bigger figures can go for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars).

So of course, "postpartyband" ordered up a Cameo from who he thought was Healy, only to get a notification a couple days later that his personalized message from Matt Heafy — a bald metal dude shredding a guitar, not a well-dressed pretty boy with a microphone — was ready to be viewed.

Fortunately, the TikTok'er was a great sport about it, and his story ended up making its way to Heafy, who wrote, "This made my day :D," in an Instagram post. So the lesson here is: read carefully before you shell out $75. See the full TikTok below.