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Ukraine's Jinjer Comment on Tour Cancellation, Launch Charity T-Shirts

"Each sale may save somebody’s life in Ukraine"
Jinjer Press 2021 Alina Chernohor, Alina Chernohor
photograph by Alina Chernohor

Yesterday (March 3rd), it looked like the Ukrainian metal titans Jinjer had canceled all of their upcoming North American tour dates in order to dedicate their time to helping their home country in crisis. Today (March 4th), the group have officially confirmed that they're putting the band on hold, which means they'll no longer be opening for Slipknot and In This Moment during the upcoming Knotfest Roadshow tour, which kicks off March 16th. Instead, they're setting up a donation campaign in order to fund food, water and medical supplies for them and their fellow Ukrainian citizens, who've been under violent invasion by Russia since February 24th. 

"Thank you all for your concerned messages and prayers sent to us over the last week," bassist Eugene Abdukhanov wrote in a new statement. "We may not answer but we are reading them and they mean the world to us. As you know, there is war raging through the streets and cities of Ukraine right now. Many people have little or no food or water and are very afraid of what tomorrow may bring.

"Together with Napalm Records, we're releasing two new T-Shirt designs to raise funds to be donated to various charities throughout Ukraine to help with medical and food supplies, water and so on. If you cannot donate then please share this or any news related to what's really happening here. Each sale may save somebody's life in Ukraine. We will update here on social media where and who your donation has helped.Thank you."

The band say that 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charities of Jinjer's choosing, and they'll update their social media pages to show where and who the money has helped. Check out the T-shirt designs below and order yours here.

Jinjer's tour cancellation includes their run with Slipknot, as well as the smattering of headlining dates and off-dates with In This Moment that they had planned throughout the next month-and-a-half. However, the band are still planning to tour Latin America later this spring and play a heap of European festivals throughout the summer. 

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