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Volbeat's Rob Caggiano Picks Favorite Ghost Song

Guitarist's selection has been stuck in his head for days
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Swedish Satanic-rock troupe Ghost have come a long, long way since their cult 2010 debut, Opus Eponymous, to their latest LP, ImperaRevolver'top album of 2022.

One of the many things that have helped buoyed mastermind Tobias Forge and Co. to their current chart-topping, arena-headlining, award-winning success is a host of famous fans, including Dave Grohl, James Hetfield and Duff McKagan. Count among this murderers' row Rob Caggiano.

We asked the Volbeat guitarist to pick his favorite Ghost song — see his selection below.

"Mary on a Cross"

Well, I've had "Mary on a Cross" stuck in my head for days now, so I guess that's my favorite Ghost song at the moment. This song is really infectious with a mash-up of a lot of classic influences. I love all the twists and turns in the arrangement and production, too. It's a great tune.