Wargasm: See Behind-the-Scenes Photos From "D.R.I.L.D.O" Video | Revolver

Wargasm: See Behind-the-Scenes Photos From "D.R.I.L.D.O" Video

Bizkit tour openers' 'Explicit: The Mixxxtape' due this summer

Already endorsed by scene godfathers Jonathan Davis and Limp Bizkit, nu-metal revivalists Wargasm are riding high. The U.K. duo of Milkie Way and Sam Matlock just wrapped a high-profile U.S. tour with Bizkit, and they recently dropped a party-hard new single, "D.R.I.L.D.O," that Matlock describes as "a good bridge between the two elements of Wargasm, which are super fun, sexy, and electronic and also fresh and metal." It's all building toward the group's imminent mixtape Explicit: The Mixxxtape, which is due this summer, with their debut full-length album to follow.

For its part, "D.R.I.L.D.O" arrived in late May accompanied with a dark, action-packed music video set in a seedy, sweaty dance club and soaked with bloody ultraviolence. Photographer Jessie Rose was on set for the filming of the cinematic clip and snapped plenty of behind-the-scenes shots. Check out some of the highlights — and watch the final video — below.

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