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Watch All That Remains' Emotional First Music Video With New Guitarist

"Everything's Wrong" features shredder Jason Richardson, stars former WWE wrestler Enzo Amore

"The video really captures the song's meaning of how when something slips away it can seem like the whole world has crashed down around you," says Phil Labonte. "Things that used to make sense no longer do."

The All That Remains vocalist is referring to the intense new visual for "Everything's Wrong," which you can watch above. The clip stars former WWE wrestler Enzo Amore. (Amore was let go from WWE in January 2018 after sexual assault allegations. Following an investigation, Phoenix Police Department closed the case without any charges being filed.) 

"Mike Martin [All That Remains' guitarist] is a big wrestling fan, and we think [Enzo] did a great job capturing the feeling we were looking for," Labonte says of the video's star. Also of particular significance, the "Everything's Wrong" clip is the band's first video since they enlisted new guitarist Jason Richardson (All Shall Perish, Chelsea Grin, Born of Osiris), who plays the late Oli Herbert's parts.

About a month before the release of All That Remains' ninth album, Victim of the New Disease, Herbert — the band's founding lead guitarist — died at age 44. He had been the only consistent member of the group besides Labonte, and in a short amount of time, he had became one of the most iconic shredders of the New England metal and hardcore scene.

Shortly after Herbert's death, Labonte told Revolver, "We're gonna go out and do as much as we can to get in front of as many people as possible and play these songs for Oli because that's what he would've wanted us to do … He would've wanted us to keep going."

The group recruited Richardson to tour with them, and eventually become a part of the group. "After being a huge fan myself since their album The Fall of Ideals came out," he says, "it's definitely a very humbling and surreal experience to be able to come into a group that helped get me into metal back when I was first learning to play guitar."