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Watch Behemoth Conquer Death Through Black Magic in Stunning New Music Video

Disembowelment, resurrection, cute goats abound in "O Father O Satan O Sun!," the final video from 2014's 'The Satanist'

Behemoth have unveiled a stunning — and sinister — new music video for "O Father O Satan O Sun!" the final single from 2014's full-length The Satanist. As the last visual to be released from the band's current album cycle, it should come as no surprise to see them unloading whatever arcane tricks are still lurking up their sleeves, and trust us: the Polish act has more than enough unsettling imagery to go around.

What kind of imagery, you ask? For starters, there's a scene where frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski stands chained to a wall dressed in a wig with his intestines spilling out, hungry vultures circling overhead. The vocalist later assumes the form of a dark angel, a one-eyed raven man, and finally, a pale-faced, dead-eyed badass with a kid of his own (and by kid, we mean adorable baby goat). Toss in scenes of occult rituals, bleeding hearts, spooky swamps and a fog machine or three, and we're left with one hell of a clip (literally).

Behemoth's dramatic "O Father O Satan O Sun!" clip arrives just in time for the band's new live release Messe Noire, in stores today, April 13th. The Blu-Ray/DVD package combines pro-shot footage of two Behemoth shows performed in 2016 with bonus material, music videos, and more.

Behemoth are set to hit the road early next month for a lengthy stint on Slayer's last-ever North American tour. Check out the full list of dates here.