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Watch Brass Against's Badass Big-Band Cover of Tool's "Lateralus"

Brooklyn musical collective has previously taken on Pantera, Rage Against the Machine and more

Politically charged music collective Brass Against have offered up striking covers of Pantera's "Walk" and Tool's "Pot" in recent months, and now they've followed up with another cut from the latter's catalog, "Lateralus." The impressive performance was filmed in-studio, capturing the dozen or so musicians on various brass and percussion instruments along with composer-producer Suphala and pop singer Samuel Hope. The track's complexity and layered segments lend themselves remarkably well to the structural intricacy of a big-band arrangement.

Brass Against is comprised of "a collective of artists, led and curated by Brad Hammonds, who share in the goal of creating brass protest music that calls fans to action." "We want the music we perform to sound inspiring and resonate with people's emotions, encouraging them to act," the group says on their website's mission statement. The collective, whose name was inspired by Rage Against The Machine, has even received praise from Tom Morello himself. You can catch the group live on The Resistance Tour, and watch below for bonus footage of their performance of Rage track "Sleep Now in the Fire."